2. Fun times in Alameda, California!

  4. My trip to Boston! Stuff coming soon!

  6. HELLO IS THIS THING ON? OKAY SO HERE ARE SOME SAMPLES OF WHAT I AM WORKING ON RIGHT NOW. SORRY I HAVE BEEN SO DEAD LATELY. THINGS HAVE BEEN SLOW FOR ME BUT I HAVE BEEN WORKING I SWEAR. Hoping to have some neat stuff up in about 3 weeks after I get back from Boston. Hope you all are still alive!

  7. Some more photos to tide you all over until I finish my stupid 3D stuff! These were taken at the Illinois Beach State Park in Zion. And hey there is an actual picture of me in there!

  8. Sorry there haven’t been many updates from me. Been a crazy few weeks and my progress has come to a bit of a crawl on the 3D stuff. I am trying to rectify that this week and have some actual complete pieces up next week. 

    In the meantime here are some pictures of a rare fog day along the bike path I take to and from work to downtown Chicago. Wish I had a better camera, but the iphone did well in a pinch.

  9. Quickie of a lantern I made today. Gonna do something fancy with it after I sculpt the candle. 

  10. A little thing I did since I couldn’t find anything like it on the web. So here we are, the ending to Cowboy Bebop episodes with the famous words from Firefly. Both are space westerns, and both are really good.